I am excited about what God is doing this season as He restores spiritual balance to our culture after a crisis. This year’s Cloud Conference, “HARD RESET,” is a prophetic challenge to reactivate the power of prayer, praise, worship, and radical obedience.

In this conference, you will learn how to identify and utilize the resources in hand to facilitate a miracle. It will place a demand on your anointing and challenge you to be filled, to pour, and to have the courage to participate in your miracle! This is a virtual conference you don’t want to miss.

Register today for this life-changing conference by visiting or clicking the registration link below and prepare to experience a “HARD RESET” June 22nd – June 24th. Registration is FREE, so encourage your family, friends, and church members to take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime anointing!

Register Today! Your life and ministry will never be the same.