Anthony D Shannon, B.S., M.S.DIV

Award Winning Educator
C-Suite Leadership Trainer
Pastor * Philanthropist * Poet
John Maxwell Certified Presenter

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Anthony D Shannon

Speaker Trainer and Coach

With over 30 years of corporate experience of producing high-level teams and watching them overcoming even when the odds are against you, you can do it, Yes you Can!!

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Leadership & Coaching

The practice of leadership is more than simply applying a set of principles, it is realizing that a leader is responsible for the limitations of his or her employees.


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TEAMWORK, Developing The Leader within, 21 st Century Leadershift a Must to stay relevant, Becoming a Person of Influence.


Getting the Max from Employees

Does your employees see themselves in your vision and the company’s vision

This presentation breaks down what a vision is, what it is not, what vision does, the benefits of vision and the components of vision. The leaders will quickly identify why their employees are not connected to them or the company. The presentation is sure to have the audience reflection constantly provoking change. I will also break down the steps and the question necessary to answer to build a real corporate and departmental vision.


Mastermind Groups

MasterMind Groups for CORPORATE COMPANIES ,15 Laws of Personal Growth for Employees and Managers and Executives Teams, Presentations on : Are you a Salesperson or Sales Professional

This presentation helps salespeople and sales managers identify if they are sales pros or just the everyday run of the mill sales person. In this presentation, I thrill the audience with great stories, analogies and real life sales scenarios. Throughout the presentation I break down the difference between sale pros who dominate the marketplace vs sales people who are a dime a dozen. Lastly, I give them a technique that shifts the sales meeting from presenting a solution without identifying a problem to helping their prospects come to the realization that they need the service that is being offered.


What Our Clients Say

I’ve known Anthony for 25 years and have witnessed him overcome challenges, win many awards, climb the corporate ladder to senior levels, and do it with professionalism and integrity. Whatever he sets out to do he exceeds expectations and gives 110%.  He not only is concerned about his success but is passionate about teaching others how to succeed in life.  His winning smile, enthusiasm, and energetic, results-driven leadership make Anthony an excellent leader.
Glynis D Shannon, ProQuest International, Ann Arbor Michigan

Anthony D Shannon is transforming the lives of people with his own unique brand of winning mentality. He has risen beyond his own struggles of youth, to become a dynamic coach, trainer, speaker, and author. His energizing teaching style and one-of-a-kind storytelling distinguish him as one of the most sought-after innovative, trailblazers of our time. His infectious commitment to see others succeed and empowered has inspired others to realize that all things are possible and it starts with a belief. He is an expert in breaking down the complex to reveal the simplicity of life. As a passionate speaker, he embodies humor and common sense to help others to realize the “greatness” that is within them.

Lindsay M Robinson, First grade School teacher

Anthony D. Shannon is a leadership expert! Professional, skillful, and anecdotal, what he teaches has given me the professional edge I’ve needed to thrive in the medical field. He effectively simplifies complex principles and ideas to cause deep understanding and application. From personal growth to team development, he has what it takes to improve those who lead in any and every capacity. Being a leader is more than managing a group of people - it is the ability to solve intricate challenges, set and meet lofty goals while remaining integral, and principle-driven. Anthony D. Shannon is the new standard of leadership wisdom. I am grateful to have learned from the best! I am now more confident in my ability to lead in the medical field. All because of the individualized, and impactful teachings of the Anthony D. Shannon consulting group! If you are looking for substantive content and proven strategies, you are in the right place! Get ready to get better and experience a new level of excellence as you have never seen!

Kayla Simmons, Nursing Staff Beaumont Hospital